R1234yf Air Con

email: info@r1234yf-ac.co.uk

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Like it or not, it looks like r1234yf is with us. There are certainly issues, the gas is stupidly expensive and availability of gas and equipment not that great. The gas is slightly flammable so there are safety concerns, and many car manufacturers have protested, including Daimler and some other German car makers.

The reason that the previous gas, r134a, is being replaced is to reduce the global warming potential of gasses in use, a proportion of which will inevitably get released into the atmosphere.

This site has been set up as a resource for those working with r1234yf, please email for more info or to contribute to the site. There is not much here yet but there will be.


For r1234yf regas in Dorset, contact www.poolecool.co.uk

For information about r1234 see www.1234facts.com